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Arrange lets you effortlessly manage your operations, increase revenue, and enhance your brand experience with an all-in-one platform.

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The all-in-one platform to
manage your experience business

Arrange makes it simple for you to manage your business across your platforms, and allows you to concentrate on what's important.

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Easy creation

Create your classes easily and efficiently while maintaining a complete overview with the Arrange intuitive platform. You will quickly get an overview of all your classes, and we will keep you updated throughout the whole process.

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Stay on top of your bookings

Arrange keeps you updated on all bookings, and our system makes it easy for you to manage and keep track of your bookings.

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Engage with your customers

Arrange makes it easy for you to automate all communication with your customers and ensure a professional dialogue. Receipts, reminders, and reviews are automatically shipped out - making your administration a breeze.

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Meet our customers

Our customers experience higher satisfaction with their class participants, increased earnings, and optimized workflows with our all-in-one platform for class administration.

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A welcome help

Until then, we had run our course registration in an excel sheet, and Arrange was a welcome help.

Betina Madsen
Consultant, Rambøll

It's complete and does everything we need

Arrange has made it easy for us to plan and manage our classes across administrative and teacher levels. The automatic communication flow makes our customers feel welcomed and taken care of and let us focus on teaching our classes and developing our business.

Nanna Egebjerg

Absolutely Superb!

Good experience all the way through. I got notifications sent every time something changed or needed to prepare something for the class.

Michael Bjerre
Attendee at Yonobi classes


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Optimize your workflows with smart integrations

With the help of our many integrations, you can simplify and optimize your workflows in connection with your class administration from day one. In this way, Arrange eliminates time-consuming duplication of work.